The South Hill Brass
"Bad Link" Page
Many of the "links" featured within The Un-Authorized South Hill Brass Home Page are to web sites that are completely outside the control of any members of the South Hill Brass.  The world wide web is constantly changing, and with the volume of links involved, from time to time one of our links will become inoperable or unavailable.
You have "clicked" on one such link.  It is our fervent hope that the web site you SHOULD be accessing now will again become available in the future.  If the time comes that we lose all hope of its return, the link will be changed or deleted.
Although the South Hill Brass can bear no actual responsibility for the loss of the web site in question, please accept our humble and heartfelt apology.  As some small consolation, here is a close-up photograph of Arnie playing his tuba (Arnie himself supplied this photo as a picture of his nose, but, as you can see, it features much of his profile, and most of his mouthpiece):
Arnie's nose and mouthpiece