Upcoming Performances
of the South Hill Brass
South Hill Park is located near downtown Burlington, Iowa, between South Sixth and South Seventh Streets, and between Aetna and Elm Streets, North Latitude 40 degrees, 48 minutes, 23.09 seconds, West Longitude 91 degrees, 6 minutes, 27.3 seconds.
While the South Hill Brass does not confine itself to any particular geographic area, most of our performances occur in the general vicinity of Burlington, Iowa.  As a service for those of you considering attending South Hill Brass performances, we now offer updated weather information for this area, and any other area YOU select.  (Please be advised that the weather forecast is provided by sources other than the South Hill Brass, and, as with most weather forecasts, carries no guarantee...)
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The South Hill Brass is still trying to absorb the shocking news that our "flagship" event -- the "Top o' the Town Festival" at Burlington's South Hill Park-- has been discontinued as of 2008.  The event was held on the first Sunday of October for fifteen years.  The South Hill Brass was originally formed for the FIRST "Top o' the Town Festival," so it has always been sort of a homecoming for us, and a fun day for everyone.  We continue to mull our options, and have not given up on still playing there ourselves some fall Sunday.  Here is a rare photo of the South Hill Brass in action at the 2002 Top o' the Town Festival:
In 2013, we started our schedule slightly earlier, with a performance at the Greater Burlington Partnership's annual "Small Business Appreciation Breakfast".  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented us from performing there the last two years.
We have no other definitely-scheduled performances at this point, but that does not mean we will not HAVE more gigs, and they might be sooner rather than later.  We like to strike without warning.  I wasn't expecting a kind of Spanish Inquisition ...
Those intimately familiar with the habits of the South Hill Brass realize that, like the wiley groundhog, the South Hill Brass tends to hibernate through the coldest part of the Iowa winter, usually not performing at all in the months of January or February, and sometimes not bursting forth until April or May.
We attempted to break out of this pattern in 2009 and 2010, with early performances both years, but this left us SO exhausted that we did not play AT ALL as a group in 2011, and did not emerge from hibernation until late September of 2012, when we performed in New London, Iowa, as part of the Red Flag Horseless Carriage Tour.
Our first 2015 performance was at the New London Care Center in late July, but that was not particularly open to the public.  This means that our first public performance of 2015 was at the FOURTH annual Red Flag Horseless Carriage Tour in New London, Iowa, on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  This is a really cool event that we have attended every single year, and you should attend, too.